Bar Graph - Important Points

Bar Graph - MCQ

Bar Graph

In a Bar Diagram or Bar Graph, the data is presented by means of rectangles, whose lengths indicate the quantity of the variable which the bar is representing. Looking at the length of bar, one can have a fair idea about the data given in bar chart. The bar chart can be of different types – vertical bar graph, horizontal bar graph, percentage bar graph.

Bar Graph Interpretation

While interpreting bar graph, the following points should be taken into account:

  1. All bars are in the form of rectangles and the width of the bars is uniform throughout the diagram.
  2. The height of each bar is proportional to the frequency of the variable.
  3. The gap between various bars is uniform.
  4. A data table equivalent to bar graph can also be drawn.

Example: The expenditure of a company under different heads (in thousands of rupees) is given below:


Expenditure (in thousands of rupees)

Salary of employees


Travelling allowance (TA)








This table has been converted into Bar Graph.

Q1: Which one is the second highest head in expenditure?

Solution: Looking at the Bar Graph, clearly it is Training.

Q2: Expenditure on Training is what % more than that of rent?

Solution: Required % = (50/150) x 100 = 33.33%

Q3: Expenditure on travelling allowance is what % of salary of employee?

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