Analogy - Important Points

Analogy - MCQ


Analogy is a similarity relation between like features of two things on which a comparison may be established. In analogy questions, students are asked to first study the pattern and then complete the given series.

Types of Analogy Questions

Different type of analogy questions are asked in exams. These can be categorized in the following types.

Completing the Analogous Pair

In these types of questions, three words are given and the relation between first two words is established. Students are required to find out the relationship between the third and fourth word on the basis of the relationship of the first two words.

Example: Clock : Time :: Thermometer : ?

  1. Heat
  2. Warmth
  3. Temperature
  4. Energy

Solution: (c) Clock measures time and thermometer measures temperature.

Selecting the Analogous Pair

It is similar to completing the analogous pair but the whole pair has to be selected based on the relation of first pair.

Example: Sound : Muffled

  1. Colour : Faded
  2. Moisture : Humid
  3. Despair : Anger
  4. Odour : Pungent

Solution: (a) Sound is muffled and in the same way colour is faded.

Direct Analogy

In this type of questions, direct relation is given for one pair and you are required to establish the same relation for the other pair.

Example: Bread is related to Bakery in the same way as Brick is related to ….

  1. Furnace
  2. Kiln
  3. Mine
  4. Oven

Solution: (b) First is made in second.

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