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What is Antonyms?

An antonym is a word/phrase that means the opposite of another word or phrase.

Antonym examples:

  • Accept - Refuse
  • Blunt - Sharp
  • Foolish - Wise
  • Knowledge - Ignorance

Antonyms List

Absence: Presence, Plenty, Existence, Enough

Accept: Refuse, Fail, Deny, Reject

Accurate: Inaccurate, Indefinite, Unreliable, Faulty

Advantage: Disadvantage, Harm, Impotence, Inferiority

Ancient: Modern, Current, Fresh, New

Approval: Disapproval, Denial, Veto, Refusal

Approached: Receded, Departed, Leave, Retreat

Abundant: Scarce, Lacking, Sparse, Meager

Admit: Deny, Repudiate, Expel, Oust

Advance: Retreat, Retire, Behind, Later

Artificial: Natural, Genuine, Real, Unaffected

Ascend: Descend, Drop, Slump, Decline

Attack: Defense, Flight, Shelter, Shield

Asleep: Awake, Conscious, Attentive

Ally: Enemy, Antagonist, Detractor, Foe

Blunt: Sharp, Polite, Subtle, Sharp

Blame: Praise, Approval, Peace, Ratification

Bitter: Sweet, Bland, Pleasant, Mild

Borrow: Lend, Forfeit, Lend, Return

Bravery: Cowardice, Timidity, Fear

Broad: Narrow, Quiet, Little, Tiny

Calm: Troubled, Harsh, Furious, Worried

Capable: Incapable, Clumsy, Stupid, Ignorant

Cheap: Dear, Expensive, Worthy

Clever: Stupid, Foolish, Ignorant, Naïve

Conceal: Reveal, Divulge, Unwrap, Ignore

Comfort: Discomfort, Gloom, Injury, Torment

Courage: Cowardice, Humility, Timidity, Irresolution

Cruel: Kind, Gentle, Compassionate, Mild

Courteous: Discourteous, Rude, Uncivil, Unrefined

Cunning: Simple, Ignorant, Blunt, Rough

Beautiful: Ugly, Drab, Offensive, Repulsive

Dainty: Clumsy, Ugly, Inferior, Coarse

Deep: Shallow, Artless, Flighty, Trivial

Despair: Hope, Cheer, Faith, Pleasure

Dismal: Cheerful, Bright, Intelligent, Luminous

Ebb: Flow, Incline, Expansion

Expand: Contract, Diminish, Shrink, Shrivel

Fail: Succeed, Ascend, Rise, Reach

Feeble: Sturdy, Strong, Powerful, Expert

Foolish: Wise, Sane, Realistic, Serious

Famous: Unknown, Obscure, Inferior, Typical

Freedom: Captivity, Slavery, Inability, Restraint

Frequent: Seldom, Ceasing, Irregular, Rare

Friend: Enemy, Foe, Stranger, Opponent

Frank: Secretive, Timidity, Shy, Evasive

Generous: Mean, Greedy, Biased, Prejudiced

Gentle: Rough, Surly, Excited, Harsh

Gloomy: Cheerful, Lively, Luminous, Intelligent

Giant: Dwarf, Pygmy, Dwarf, Teeny

Happy: Sad, Miserable, Serious, Morose

Hasten: Dawdle, Halt, Hinder, Dissuade

Hate: Love, Liking, Sympathy, Flattery

Healthy: Unhealthy, Ill, Diseased, Infirm

Hinder: Aid, Help, Further, Allow

Humble: Proud, Brave, Unrefined, Intricate

Hunger: Thirst, Distaste, Disgust, Satiation

Immense: Tiny, Minute, Limited, Restricted

Imprison: Free, Cease, Permit, Release

Intentional: Accidental, Involuntary, Unwilling, Unplanned

Knowledge: Ignorance, Inanity, Stupidity, Impotence

Lazy: Industrious, Energetic, Caring, Fresh

Lofty: Lowly, Humble, Below, Beneath

Prudent: Imprudent, Foolish, Indiscreet, Stupid

Rapid: Slow, Delayed, Sluggish, Languishing

Rigid: Pliable, Soft, Gentle, Pliant

Scatter: Collect, Gather, Maintain, Combine

Serious: Trivial, Insincere, Dishonest, Deceptive

Sour: Sweet, Bland, Calm, Blah


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