One Word Substitution - Important Points

One Word Substitution - MCQ

One word substitution is an important topic in competitive exams that tests a candidate's ability to understand a sentence and replace it with a single word that conveys the same meaning. It is also known as vocabulary-based questions that require an extensive knowledge of words and their meanings. In this section, candidates are given a sentence or a phrase, and they need to choose the most appropriate word that can replace it.

One word substitution is widely used in various competitive exams like SSC, Banking, Railway, and other government job exams. Candidates who are preparing for these exams must have a good understanding of vocabulary, including synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and phrases, to answer one word substitution questions accurately.

Some of the common examples of one word substitution are:

A person who is fond of books - Bibliophile

A person who loves to travel - Wanderlust

A person who is an expert in one field - Specialist

A person who is fond of the sea - Maritime

A person who is very talkative - Loquacious

A person who is opposed to any form of government - Anarchist

A person who is fond of foreign cultures - Francophile

A person who is fond of animals - Zoophilist

A person who is fond of eating - Foodie

A person who believes that pleasure is the only aim in life - Hedonist

A person who loves solitude - Solivagant

A person who hates marriage - Misogamist

A person who loves nature - Naturalist

A person who believes in fate - Fatalist

A person who loves the countryside - Rustic

A person who loves to write - Wordsmith

A person who loves to collect things - Collector

A person who loves beauty - Aesthete

A person who is always happy - Optimist

A person who loves to work with his hands - Artisan

How to excel in one word substituition

To excel in the one word substitution section, candidates must read newspapers, magazines, and books regularly to improve their vocabulary. They must also take online quizzes and solve practice papers to familiarize themselves with different types of questions and answer options.

Candidates must remember that one word substitution questions can have different levels of difficulty, and they must be prepared for all types of questions. They must also avoid making assumptions and answer based on the context of the sentence. Regular practice and building a strong vocabulary are crucial for excelling in the one word substitution section.

In conclusion, one word substitution is an essential topic in competitive exams that requires a good understanding of vocabulary. Candidates must be familiar with various words and their meanings to answer questions correctly. They must also practice regularly to improve their vocabulary skills and enhance their chances of scoring well in the exam.

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