Percentage - Important Points


If 25% of x = y, then y% of 40 is same as :

A. 25% of x

B. 20% of x

C. 5% of x

D. 10% of x

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Answer: option d


25% of x = y 
=> (25/100) * x = y 
y% of 40 =(y/100) x 40 
               = [(25x/100)  / 100] x 40
               = 10x/100 = 10% of x


The value of a motor depreciates at the rate of 10% every year. It was purchased 3 years ago. If its present value is Rs. 5832, its purchase price was :

A. 10000

B. 8000

C. 12000

D. 8500

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Answer: option b


Purchase price = Rs. 5832(1−10/100)^3
               = Rs. [5832 * (10/9) * (10/9 )* (10/9)] 
               = Rs.8000

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If the price of a book is first decreased by 25% and then increased by 20%, then the net percentage change in the price will be:

A. 10% Decrease

B. 20% Increase

C. 5% Decrease

D. 3.33% Decrease

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Answer: option a


Let the original price be 100.

New final price  = 120 % of (75 % of 100)
                         = [(120/100) * (75/100) * 100] 
                         = 90
Hence, Decrease = 10%

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If A's height is 40% less than that of B, how much percent B's height is more than that of A?

A. 76.67%

B. 83.67%

C. 66.67%

D. 86.66%

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Answer: option c


If B's height is 100, then A's height is 60.
Excess of B's height over A's = (100 - 60) = 40
                     In % = (40/60)*100 = 66.67%

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What percent of 6.4 kg is 16 gms ?

A. .25%

B. .5%

C. .75%

D. 1%

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Answer: option a


Required percentage = (16/6400 * 100)% =  1/4% = 0.25%

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